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Welcome to RedLodgeJobs! Here you will find entry-level through management-level jobs for the properties of the Red Lodge Hospitality family: The Pollard Hotel and the NEW! Marli's Restaurant and Bar, Bogart's Restaurant, Red Lodge Pizza Co., Natali's Front Bar, and Carbon County Steakhouse.  Apply for the job that interests you most and, if you don't see something that you are looking for, contact us, and make the connection today.


We have close to 200 employees with us at Red Lodge Hospitality, making us one of the largest employers in Red Lodge and Carbon County. We believe in order to give the best hospitality to our customers, we must also be the most hospitable to our employees. When you work with us you will receive discounts to The Gym at The Pollard Hotel, ski passes for Red Lodge Mountain, food discounts to all of our restaurants (even when you're off shift), cash bonuses, and limited housing opportunities.  We even offer health insurance benefits for our full-time employees.

But, most of all, our employees become a cherished part of the Kuntz Family. Tom and Liza Kuntz started Red Lodge Pizza Co. in 1996 and now their kids, Margot and Allie are an integral part of the business. We continue to grow and succeed in the historic town of Red Lodge. Now, apply today and be welcomed into our family.

Red Lodge Hospitality Properties

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